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Youtube is pretty gay right now.

Whaddup I'm Bisexual~
Give me a thumbs up if you're lgbtq+, support lgbtq+, or are giant spider pretending to be a human by wearing a top hat and four pairs of jeans.


I SHOULD KNOW THIS (Episode 1) - Music Edition

HELLO! Here's my new Trivia Game Show series starring my best friends! Brendan Mullen is an amazing comedian and human being and I owe him a huge thank you for hosting and coming up with some fantastic questions! Also big thanks to Melody and Katelyn, the judges, for being there and helping me out!


confessing my darkest secret…

Come along with me on the journey of my past fandoms.

Have you ever been in a fandom? TELL ME ABOUT IT!



How many times did I say "anyway" in this video? Comment below with your answers. Anything less than 5million is incorrect.